Friday, September 26, 2008

Founder's Circle Trip DAY 3

On day 3, Friday, we went to tour Stampin' Up!'s manufacturing plant in Kanah, UT.

Below is a plaque on the wall next to the employee entrance... it really shows the love Stampin' Up! has for it's employees...
Kanab is where all the stamps are made. We weren't able to take photos in the actual manufacturing area, because of trade secrets and such, but we did get to tour it. Some of us actually got some hands on experience. Some of the girls took turns die-cutting the stamps. It's a big machine that cuts them. I didn't volunteer for that as I don't like cutting blades of any kind. I did get a chance to package some stamp sets though. The stamps images are melted into the rubber, then die cut and then packaged up. Each step is done individually by people with the assistance of machines. When the stamps are packaged up (what I helped with) they are done so in an assembly line fashion. It was fun helping out.

After we toured the facility we were taken in a room where we had a chance to ask employees questions about what they do. It was very informative. You could really tell how much these employees enjoyed their jobs and working for Stampin' Up!.
While visiting the plant that day, I saw Shelli go around to each and every employee to say hi and ask them about their families. How many companies CEO's do that. It was really nice to see that. Shelli's warm and sincerity really shows through in everything she does.

On part of the tour we got to view an upstairs apartment of sorts. Shelli set up a living space on the second floor so when employees or executives from Salt Lake come to visit Kanab they don't have to stay in a hotel. The apartment is set up with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, playroom, laundry room and a couple of baths. It is very cozy and beautifully decorated. Here are some pictures of it...

After our tour was over we all went to a park in Kanab that Shelli and her husband Sterling donated to the city. Shelli said when she was a young mom with kids there was no where to take her kids to play so when they were able her and Sterling donated the park so other moms and families would have a nice place to go to enjoy the outdoors. The ground cover under the play equipment consists of leftover, crushed pieces of Stampin' Up! rubber. It was so cool. If you jumped on it you actually bounced. We had fun playing in the rubber after our lunch from Subway that Stampin' Up! provided for us.

After I got my lunch and sat at a table to eat Shelli came up and sat directly across from me. It was wonderful sitting there with her eating lunch. It may sound like I idolize her, which maybe I do to a certain degree, but she is a wonderful, caring person who I am happy to be associated with. I am honored to had the chance to get to know her a little better during my Founder's trip.

Here's a picture of my upline Stella MacKay, Shelli and myself at the park...
Here's a picture of us rising stars at the park...
I had a great time on the trip to Kanab. On the way there and back we played games in the bus. I won a package of Washington Apple Designer Paper. Others also won rolls of ribbon and packages of buttons.

After the trip to Kanab I had booked a trip to see a musical called "Big River... The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" in an outdoor amphitheatre called Tuacahn.
There were about 45 of us who signed up to go. The theatre was absolutely beautiful! The play was magnificent. They even flooded the stage twice to portray the river that huck and Jim traveled down. If your ever in the area go see a play at this theatre. The outdoor arena makes it a time to remember. For more information on the theatre go to: . Sorry about sounding like an advertisement. Can you tell I had a good time???
When I returned to the hotel I was absolutely exhausted. I had definitely packed a lot into the first 3 days already. I'll write more about my day 4 adventures tomorrow.
Until then...
Cherise :)

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