Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Fabulous Founder's Circle Trip!

What a blast! It was an awesome time that I will never forget!

I earned the Founder's Circle trip by being one of the top 15 new Stampin' Up! demonstrators. Founder's Circle also includes the top 100 demonstrators and the top 10 in sales, and recruiting. It is indeed an honor to be included in this group. There were about 120 of us who were able to make it on the all-expense paid trip to St. George Utah. Stampin' Up! certainly knows how to spoil us! We were well taken care of during the week.

My trip started in LAX where I met up with about 8 other women while waiting for our plane to St. George. I knew no one but they quickly welcomed me into their group (as they did other newbies in the group).

When we arrived in St. George (a tiny little airport), we were greeted by Stampin' Up! and Courtyard by Marriott representatives who took care of our baggage and drove us to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we were given our room keys, name badges, yearbooks and a piece of a stamp set to play a 'get-to-know-you' game. We had to find four other people who had the other pieces to complete our set. As soon as we had all the pieces we turned them in for the complete new set of our own. It was fun!
After this I had a little time to go check out my room and drop my stuff off before our Welcome Dinner. This is what I found when I got to my room.

Here's a close-up of it:
Did I mention that we had the whole hotel to ourselves AND we each had our own room! It was fabulous! We all had our names on our doors. My room was across the hall from Shelli's!
Check out our Welcome Dinner...
napkin with note from Shelli...
main course...
and dessert...
It was all good and fabulous! After the dinner I went to a Rising Star meeting where anyone could come. We all introduced ourselves and asked and answered questions about how and what we do in our businesses. It was very informative and fun to put faces to some names.

When we finally called it a day at 11:30pm I went back to my room and found this hanging from my shower:
At first I thought I was in the wrong room, or that someone had put their stuff in my room. Then I remembered that people had hinted that we might receive some gifts while we were here.
Here a close-up of the note that was included... it says "Powder puff and all that stuff":
I could tell it had stuff inside it but couldn't imagine what it contained. It was the supplies for the make-n-takes we were to complete during our stay. What a great way to give them to us!
Did you notice the new stamp set? It won't be available until the new catalog comes out in January! I love free stamps and especially free upcoming stamps!!!
Well this was the end of day one. I will continue with day two tomorrow. Please stayed tuned...
Cherise :)

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