Friday, September 26, 2008

Founder's Circle Trip DAY 3

On day 3, Friday, we went to tour Stampin' Up!'s manufacturing plant in Kanah, UT.

Below is a plaque on the wall next to the employee entrance... it really shows the love Stampin' Up! has for it's employees...
Kanab is where all the stamps are made. We weren't able to take photos in the actual manufacturing area, because of trade secrets and such, but we did get to tour it. Some of us actually got some hands on experience. Some of the girls took turns die-cutting the stamps. It's a big machine that cuts them. I didn't volunteer for that as I don't like cutting blades of any kind. I did get a chance to package some stamp sets though. The stamps images are melted into the rubber, then die cut and then packaged up. Each step is done individually by people with the assistance of machines. When the stamps are packaged up (what I helped with) they are done so in an assembly line fashion. It was fun helping out.

After we toured the facility we were taken in a room where we had a chance to ask employees questions about what they do. It was very informative. You could really tell how much these employees enjoyed their jobs and working for Stampin' Up!.
While visiting the plant that day, I saw Shelli go around to each and every employee to say hi and ask them about their families. How many companies CEO's do that. It was really nice to see that. Shelli's warm and sincerity really shows through in everything she does.

On part of the tour we got to view an upstairs apartment of sorts. Shelli set up a living space on the second floor so when employees or executives from Salt Lake come to visit Kanab they don't have to stay in a hotel. The apartment is set up with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, playroom, laundry room and a couple of baths. It is very cozy and beautifully decorated. Here are some pictures of it...

After our tour was over we all went to a park in Kanab that Shelli and her husband Sterling donated to the city. Shelli said when she was a young mom with kids there was no where to take her kids to play so when they were able her and Sterling donated the park so other moms and families would have a nice place to go to enjoy the outdoors. The ground cover under the play equipment consists of leftover, crushed pieces of Stampin' Up! rubber. It was so cool. If you jumped on it you actually bounced. We had fun playing in the rubber after our lunch from Subway that Stampin' Up! provided for us.

After I got my lunch and sat at a table to eat Shelli came up and sat directly across from me. It was wonderful sitting there with her eating lunch. It may sound like I idolize her, which maybe I do to a certain degree, but she is a wonderful, caring person who I am happy to be associated with. I am honored to had the chance to get to know her a little better during my Founder's trip.

Here's a picture of my upline Stella MacKay, Shelli and myself at the park...
Here's a picture of us rising stars at the park...
I had a great time on the trip to Kanab. On the way there and back we played games in the bus. I won a package of Washington Apple Designer Paper. Others also won rolls of ribbon and packages of buttons.

After the trip to Kanab I had booked a trip to see a musical called "Big River... The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" in an outdoor amphitheatre called Tuacahn.
There were about 45 of us who signed up to go. The theatre was absolutely beautiful! The play was magnificent. They even flooded the stage twice to portray the river that huck and Jim traveled down. If your ever in the area go see a play at this theatre. The outdoor arena makes it a time to remember. For more information on the theatre go to: . Sorry about sounding like an advertisement. Can you tell I had a good time???
When I returned to the hotel I was absolutely exhausted. I had definitely packed a lot into the first 3 days already. I'll write more about my day 4 adventures tomorrow.
Until then...
Cherise :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Founder's Circle DAY 2...

Hello again...

On day 2 of my Founder's Circle trip I took a day trip to Zion National Park with a group of ladies. The park was beautiful and lots of fun. These are some of the pictures I took while there.
This is our group that traveled together to Zion. Jo Golden, Tiffany Bauer, Me (Cherise Schlicher), Sharon Cline, Julie Piesciuk, Denise Johnson, Robin Spinner, Susie Wood, Jan Wike, Glenda Travelstead and Nancy Gauthier.

When we returned we got cleaned up for our pajama business meeting and card swap. This event took place in the Gathering Room. The gathering room was a place where Stampin' Up! set up couches, bean bags, pillows, blankets, and tables to just hang out whenever we wanted.
There were also candy carts in the room so we could get some 'sweets' any time we wanted.
Here's Shelli in her homemade pj's getting the event started (see her blog at
Here's Shelli and her mom trying to finish up Shelli's swaps...
Here we are in the hallway swapping...
and more swapping...
Here is the card I swapped:
We received the following note pad and matching pen to take notes during our business swap...
The business swap was where people got up and shared tips and tricks on how they make their businesses successful. It was very informative.

After the evening's events were over I found this on my bed when I returned to my room...
The tag reads "Hey big spender, spend a little time with me".
A wallet to match our purses we received at convention! Did I tell you pink is my favorite color?!!! (and no there wasn't anything inside)

I will continue with my adventures tomorrow. Stay tuned for details of my trip to Kanab (Stampin' Up!'s manufacturing facility) and more!

Cherise :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Fabulous Founder's Circle Trip!

What a blast! It was an awesome time that I will never forget!

I earned the Founder's Circle trip by being one of the top 15 new Stampin' Up! demonstrators. Founder's Circle also includes the top 100 demonstrators and the top 10 in sales, and recruiting. It is indeed an honor to be included in this group. There were about 120 of us who were able to make it on the all-expense paid trip to St. George Utah. Stampin' Up! certainly knows how to spoil us! We were well taken care of during the week.

My trip started in LAX where I met up with about 8 other women while waiting for our plane to St. George. I knew no one but they quickly welcomed me into their group (as they did other newbies in the group).

When we arrived in St. George (a tiny little airport), we were greeted by Stampin' Up! and Courtyard by Marriott representatives who took care of our baggage and drove us to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we were given our room keys, name badges, yearbooks and a piece of a stamp set to play a 'get-to-know-you' game. We had to find four other people who had the other pieces to complete our set. As soon as we had all the pieces we turned them in for the complete new set of our own. It was fun!
After this I had a little time to go check out my room and drop my stuff off before our Welcome Dinner. This is what I found when I got to my room.

Here's a close-up of it:
Did I mention that we had the whole hotel to ourselves AND we each had our own room! It was fabulous! We all had our names on our doors. My room was across the hall from Shelli's!
Check out our Welcome Dinner...
napkin with note from Shelli...
main course...
and dessert...
It was all good and fabulous! After the dinner I went to a Rising Star meeting where anyone could come. We all introduced ourselves and asked and answered questions about how and what we do in our businesses. It was very informative and fun to put faces to some names.

When we finally called it a day at 11:30pm I went back to my room and found this hanging from my shower:
At first I thought I was in the wrong room, or that someone had put their stuff in my room. Then I remembered that people had hinted that we might receive some gifts while we were here.
Here a close-up of the note that was included... it says "Powder puff and all that stuff":
I could tell it had stuff inside it but couldn't imagine what it contained. It was the supplies for the make-n-takes we were to complete during our stay. What a great way to give them to us!
Did you notice the new stamp set? It won't be available until the new catalog comes out in January! I love free stamps and especially free upcoming stamps!!!
Well this was the end of day one. I will continue with day two tomorrow. Please stayed tuned...
Cherise :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SPOOKY SPIDER Now Available for You!

Just in time for Halloween! ...
Spooky Spider Decor Elements from Stampin' Up!
Make your home and Halloween projects spooktacular this year with the Spooky Spider Decor Elements! Decorate your candy jar to thrill the treaters, and adhere it above your door to scare off the tricksters. Whatever you do, you'll be a Halloween hit! The exclusive Spooky Spider comes in three sizes and two colors and is designed to coordinate with our Ghostly Greetings Designer Series paper and our Chills & Thrills Rub-Ons from the Fall-Winter 2008 Idea Book & Catalog.

Spooky Spider is just in time to help you get ready for Halloween and is priced low so it won't break your candy budget.

SMALL: 4-5/8" X 4"
MEDIUM: 8-7/8" X 7-3/4"
LARGE: 14-15/16" X 13"

SMALL: 4-1/2"
MEDIUM: 8-11/16"
LARGE: 9-1/2"

These Spiders won't hang around long (ends October 31st), so contact me today to get your Spooky Spider before they vanish into the night!

BY THE WAY... I have returned from my Founder's Circle trip to St. George, Utah. It was absolutely fabulous! I have lots to share. I will try to write more about it later today. I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things.

Cherise :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Join One of My CLUBS Today!!!

Want to get a great sampling of Stampin' Up! products for a low cost? Join one of my clubs today!

"GET THE NEW" RIBBON CLUB... a one-month club just for the Newly Released Ribbon
What is the "Get the NEW" Ribbon Club?

It's a way to get all the newly released (Fall-Winter 2008) Stampin' Up! ribbons without having to purchase a whole roll of each for yourself. Club participants receive a specified share (see below) of each ribbon. It's a great way to increase your ribbon collection for less cost.

"Get the NEW" Ribbon Club participants will each receive the following (from pg 186-187):
. . . 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon...
3 yards each of Rose Red, Sage Shadow, Old Olive and Chocolate Chip
. . . 1" Double-Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon...
2 yards each of Rose Red, Baja Breeze, Bashful Blue and Chocolate Chip
. . . 5/8" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon...
3 yards each of Riding Hood Red, Pink Pirouette, Baja Breeze, Pacific Point, Kiwi Kiss and Tangerine Tango
. . . 1-1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon...
2 yards of Pink Pirouette
. . . 7/8" Poly-Twill Ribbon...
2 yards of So Saffron
. . . 3/8" Satin Ribbon...
2 yards of Kiwi Kiss/Very Vanilla combo
. . . 3/8" Taffeta Ribbon...
2 yards of Riding Hood Red


COST: One payment of $35, due on or before 9/21/08
(if you don't live near me please add $3.00 to your club payment for shipping)

You will receive your ribbons within 2 weeks of the payment due date individually packaged in a zip bag



What are the "Designer Paper" Clubs?
They are a way to get all the newly released (Fall-Winter 2008) Stampin' Up! designer papers without having to purchase a whole package of each for yourself. There are two separate clubs. Club #1 for the Regular Designer Series Papers ... and .. Club #2 for the Patterns Designer Series Papers. Club participants receive one 6" x 6" double-sided piece of each design. It's a great way to get a sampling of all the new designer papers for less.

CLUB #1...

REGULAR "DESIGNER SERIES PAPER" Club participants will each receive the following (pg 168-171):
. . . 120 total... 6" x 6" pieces from each of the 20 packages of regular Designer Series Papers

NUMBER OF PEOPLE NEEDED: Groups of Eight (8)

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CLUB #2...

"PATTERNS DESIGNER SERIES PAPER" Club participants will each receive the following (pg 171)... 84 total... 6" x 6" pieces from each of the 14 packages of Patterns Designer Series Papers

NUMBER OF PEOPLE NEEDED: Groups of Eight (8)

COST: One payment of $20, due on or before 9/21/08
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You will receive your papers within 2 weeks of the payment due date

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What is the "Hostess" Club?
It's a great way to build your Stampin' Up! collection, and get FREE stuff. As a club member, you agree to place a minimum $25* order each month for 6 months (beginning October 10, 2008 - March 10, 2009). You will get a FREE Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog in January when they come out, and a chance to be "Hostess" one month during the 6-month club period and get FREE stuff!

More Information:
... Which club member hosts which month will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up early for the best choice of your hostess month!
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... If you don't live near me, you will need to add $9.50 to your club paymetn for me to ship your order to you. (For club orders to qualify for hostess benefits they all have to be combined and sent to one address. Then I divide the orders up and ship them to you... hence the extra shipping expense.) If you want to avoid this extra shipping expense, you can do so by getting 5 of your friends together and forming your own club with me. This will enable me to have the orders shipped directly to the hostess of your club every month. She would then need to separate the orders and pass them out to your other club members.


COST: Minimum Order of $25* ... per person, per month, for six months
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SIGN-UP DEADLIE: On or before September 28, 2008

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Contact me to join one of these Clubs Today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stampin' Up!'s ONLINE ORDERING is HERE!!!

To place an order online go to my website: and click on the "Shop Now" button on the upper right hand corner. That's it! It's easy! Please make sure you go through my website to place an order, and that my name is listed on your order, as your demonstrator. That is the only way I get credit for the sale. Also if you don't list any demonstrator you will pay higher prices.

If your order total reaches $150 or more you will receive "Stampin' Rewards". They are the online version of Hostess Benefits.

There are a few things that the online ordering does not account for at this time. If you order online, you CANNOT take advantage of any of my monthly specials. You can only take advantage of my monthly specials if you place an order directly with me. One more thing that is not yet available with online ordering... you CANNOT include your order with a workshop order. For example: You're invited to an in-home workshop by your best friend, but cannot make it. You would like to go online and place an order that will count towards her workshop sales. That is NOT possible at this time. For your order to count towards her workshop sales you would have to contact your friend, or me directly, and place your order the old fashioned way. I have heard that Stampin' Up! is working on making these options available at a later date. As of now I have not heard when these options would be available. When I know you will too.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the availability of Online Ordering. If you have any questions please ask me. I am here to assist you!

Cherise :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's September... ALREADY!!!

Boy time sure is flying by!!! I'm sorry to say that I will be late with my newsletter this month. I'm very sorry. I had good intentions to get it out on time but I'm still catching up on everything. I did get my September specials worked out and they're up on my Stampin' Up! website. I'll also post them here for you. I'm currently working on my September class info and will have that for you soon too. Don't forget that you are now able to order any of the Big Shot items you want. Just click on the link for the catalog here on the right to view it.

I had a great class this past weekend. We all got together and created some fabulous recipe books. Here's one of mine.

I am working on getting a kit made up for these in case you missed the class and would like to purchase one. I will include the info in my newsletter.

Here are my specials for this month...

Cherise's SEPTEMBER Stampin' Up! Specials:

*FREE Package of Assorted Card Stock***...
With the Big Shot Die-Cut Machine purchase!
(a $7.95 value)

*FREE Sizzlits Die***...
With the purchase of the Big Shot Doctor's Bag!
(a $4.95 value)

*FREE Package of Designer Series Paper***...
With the purchase of 5 packages of Designer Series Paper!
(only one free package of DSP with every five purchased)

*FREE Punch***
With the purchase of ANY 5 punches!
(free punch will be the lessor value punch)

*FREE New Fall-Winter Idea Book & Catalog***...
With any purchase of $50** or more!
(only one free catalog per person, per catalog period)

Become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator! You don't have to make it a business. You can just be a 'hobby demo' and purchase items for yourself at a discount. If you sign up with me in SEPTEMBER, I will give you a $18.95 Stamp Set, of your choice, FREE! Ask me for Details!
(paperwork must be received by SU! no later than September 30, 2008)
    • I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Paypal
    • Free merchandise does not increase sales total
    • Sales tax and shipping applies to all retial prices before any discount, including any free merchandise offered
    • *These offers are only available through Cherise Schlicher
    • **Before shipping and sales tax
    • ***These specials may not be used in conjunction with percentage off coupons from Cherise
Hopefully I'll have the newsletter out by tomorrow night. I'll be working on some of the stuff for it tonight and on it all day tomorrow. I do have a conference with my son's teacher that will take me away for a bit but then I'll get back to it when I return. Wish me luck at the conference. Sometimes these teachers (and aides) forget that every special needs child is "special" and requires individual care. They keep trying to mold him into a standard model and he just isn't. He's special in lots of ways and I have to remind them of that. Hopefully it goes well.
Talk to you later...
Cherise :)