Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally!!! Founder's Circle Trip DAY 4

Sorry for the long wait. Time really has gotten away from me lately.

Okay back to my last day of Founder's Circle...

Well... the beginning of the day wasn't too exciting. I had done so much all week and gotten so little sleep that I actually choose to stay in bed until noon. Yes I did. Those of you who know me well know that's one of my favorite things to do. Shelli had told us at the beginning of the week that she wanted us to relax and enjoy ourselves and do whatever we wanted or needed to do. So on Saturday I choose to sleep in. I actually told Shelli, later that night, that I had slept in and she said "Good for you!". Actually everyone I told said "Good for you!". That's not something I usually hear so it was nice.

After I slept half of the day away I went down and had lunch with a few new friends. Then we sat and chatted in the gathering room. It was nice and relaxing. Then it was time to go to our special last night dinner. It was a surprise and when we got on the buses we didn't know where we were going. We were just told to dress casual. Shelli and her mom were on our bus right behind me and it was nice sitting and talking with them.

When we arrived at our destination we all got to see where we were. We were at this place called "Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club". I was told that this was where "High School Musical 2" was filmed. If you want to learn more about the place go to It was really beautiful!
They took us around the back for a group picture. I'm in the second row from the back on the right. Shelli is just a few people away from me towards the left. Do you see me?
Then we went back to the front of the country club and saw what they had laid out for us. It was an outdoor movie theatre.
On our chairs were our last gift... a comfy cozy pink blanket. The same type that had been in the gathering room all week. I had looked at those all week and had wanted one for my own and now I have one. Did I tell you I love pink!
They had also set up a concession stand with boxes of movie candy and popcorn. It was awesome! They even had Parisian Summer designer paper cones for the popcorn. Although I just couldn't bring myself to put popcorn in the designer paper cone. That would mean I'd have to throw it away and I couldn't do that. They had beverages and served pizza and salad. It was great!

After we all got settled they started the movie. It was "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was a great movie which I enjoyed.
When they first started the movie, at dusk, we had bats flying around dive-bombing us. It was funny and freaky all at the same time. Then as it got darker they settled down. They did seem to take care of the bugs that were flying around though. I've heard bats are good at that.

When the movie was over our night had come to an end. We boarded our buses and headed back to the hotel. When we arrived we picked up one of Shelli's swap cards she had made for us (she had finally finished them... I definitely know how that goes).

Then we were off to bed. It was a good day but sad that it was all coming to an end.

The next day, Sunday, I had an early 7am flight. So I got up, said my good-byes and was on my way home. This was definitely a memorable trip that I will never forget. I have heard that Stampin' Up! likes to spoil their demonstrators, when they can, and I had the honor to experience it. I must say that I loved it. Now I just have to get moving to try to go back again next year.

Thanks for experiencing this journey with me. I really enjoyed sharing it with you. I hope you enjoyed it too.

Until next time....

Cherise :)

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